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2005-10-03: Don't we wish...
by Emily

For the discriminating television viewing palate. Coming soon to a living room near you:

The Fall Primetime Adventures lineup.

2005-10-03 22:41:10 Ben Lehman


Just wow.

Has The Man been contacted?



P.S. The name wasn't Bellows Punk.  It was... I can't remember now.  Something lame like Timeslip or some such.

2005-10-03 22:52:58 Meguey

I so dig this. I'm itching to see if this inspires people to make the morning talk shows and the soaps and the evening news and so on.

2005-10-04 11:48:03 Emily

Aha, I didn't think it was Bellows Punk but I didn't see the actual title. Can change it, though I dig Bellows Punk.

And, yeah, Meg—more kids shows, more animated stuff, apparently one of the latest PtA games is a situation comedy which is a relatively little tapped vein.

It was fun to try &  fit the shows into the identity of a station. From the interest in the supernatural there is a whole channel devoted to it!

2005-10-04 18:41:05 Jonas Karlsson

Haha, you even have The Return in there! That table's so funny. I just posted a link on a Swedish RPG forum that the rest of the players read.

2005-10-04 19:34:05 Chris Goodwin

Wow.  That is the most awesome thing I have seen all year.

2005-10-04 21:58:46 Judd

Aw man, Overtime didn't get picked up.


We got totally Fireflyed.

2005-10-04 22:55:34 xenopulse


That should be on the DED web site.

- Christian

2005-10-05 06:40:22 Jasper Polane

Aww, man! Nevermore is programmed opposite of the Heel?

Now nobody is going to watch us!


2005-10-05 14:17:43 Emily

Overtime! I was looking for that!

Breaking News:

Due to mass demonstrations on the lawn of national PBS headquarters,


will once again be aired.

Newly appointed head of the American public broadcasting corporation, Lee Iacoca, has been publically chastised for his comments that "The American public just won't get this show.  When they hear 'Of Mice & Men', they think you're talking about Superman and Mighty Mouse..."

Tune in on Thursday...

2005-10-05 15:51:44 Emily Care

Also, I thought I'd written this already, but props big time to Ben. I'm pretty sure he thought of this some time around GenCon. Great idea!

2005-10-05 16:32:50 Per

Holy...shit. That's beautiful, totally beautiful. Fantastic :o)

Per, Producer, The Last Shore

2005-10-06 02:55:19 James

Sweet!  If this was really TV, I'd actually want a TIVO.

I'm glad to see that Scifi picked up The Belt. Who knew HBO could play nice?  :)


2005-10-06 13:32:25 Emily

Re The Belt:

It airs next Thursday at 9 PM in a two-hour block of tv on HBO, and for those of you who miss it, I'll post a review of the show here.

It was just too much for HBO. They chickened out after the pilot & then the Sci-Fi channel was all over it.

2005-10-10 20:25:24 John Harper

I just saw the link to this. It totally makes my day. Week or month, even. Just the idea of a TV lineup like this make me want to weep for joy.

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