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Television Show Listings, October 6, 2005
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WPUB Bellows Punk, Time travelers in Elizabethan England. The Return, Three brothers cope with eachother and running a Scottish Hotel. The Hare and HoundMurder stalks Victorian England, again. Overtime Mysteries among time travellers' support staff.    The Last Shore, A dark fate awaits you at this haunted isle. Imperivm Confidential, (making of) Imperivm ConfidentialPilot episode Crime and justice in ancient Rome.
WSOL Dungeon Majesty, Fantasy comes to life for gamers in small town USA. New Bridgewater, Students battle dark forces with supernatural powers. Repeat (CC) Storm Front, Fourth generation super heros.New (CC) Endgame, Modern Noir in pre-Katrina New Orleans.Repeat (CC) Jesus, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll, Christian rock band on the road.New(CC) Mind Games, Fantasy and madness in a Psychiatric ward.Repeat Shaolin, Gangland war on the streets. New
WOMBAT Moose in the City, Back woods Moose moves to the big city New The Tower, Supernatural college hijinks. Repeat (CC) On the Shoulders of Giants, Astronauts race to the moon.New Urlaubsreif! Office mates shipwrecked on a caribbean island. New Early Church Awakens, Adventures of Christ's Apostles. Repeat (CC) The Heel, Backstage struggles at a Wrestling Network. Repeat (CC) Ghost Town, The ghosts of the Old West walk the streets. New
TOON Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse Spirited Away (CC) Blue Lines, Behind the scenes on a cartoon show. Dr. Katz Magical Undying Demon Hunter Keruton, Demon-hunting fun in a CthuluPunk world. Hinky Millenium Hospital Go!!, Wacky interdimensional anime space hospital.
SCIFI Dharma Thieves - Hastalakala, Arabian pirates chart the far reaches of space. Flux!. Super-gadget sci-fi noir. Spacehunter, Space Marshalls in post-apocalyptic earth. New Horizons, A small band of heroes unites against Imperial tyranny. Sky Prophets, To the heart of the Earth to save humanity. Bootleggers, Crime & prohibition on the outer rim. The Belt. Frontier law in a space mining town.
SECRETS Miskatonic, Chthulu U. Repeat (CC) Unseen, Psychic investigators in the back alleys of Chicago. Heritage, Searching for clues to humanity's past. Pilot Repeat Heritage, New Veritas Mundi, New recruits to a supernatural secret society. New Nevermore, Horror and mystery in a small harbor town. Epidemonology, Demon-hunting private eye in post-war America.
ESPN World Freeform RPG Tourney, Live. Week in Games & Gaming Women's Volleyball Finals
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