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2006-12-08: First Birthday for Tovey
by Meguey

Tovey turned one last night at 9 pm. Tomorrow is his First Birthday party.

For First Birthdays in our family, we ask everyone to bring or send poems, quotes,

words of advice, thoughts, prayers, etc, to guide the child in his life ahead.

All the words will be read aloud at the party, then put into a book for Tovey to read in years to come.

2006-12-08 16:31:31 Emily

This is such a wonderful tradition. Starhawk spoke in Northampton last night and she said something I will bring tomorrow:

"If you create the conditions that favor the things you love, then they will grow."

2006-12-08 16:55:22 NinJ

I'm saving my advice for Tovey. No one else gets it for free!

2006-12-08 17:57:39 Emily

Happy being here a year, Tovey!!!

We're so glad you joined us. : )

2006-12-08 17:58:13 Julia

Happy Birthday, Tovey! I'll wait til tomorrow to give advice, but here's some from Ingrid, which she learned from experience: Whatever you do, no matter how sparkly or round or pretty they are, and no matter how fun it may seem, don't stick beads up your nose.

2006-12-08 18:03:39 Meguey

NinJ & Julia & waiting to give Tovey advice in person:

That's cool, 'cause you get to come to the party. Everyone else will have to make do with either posting their words here, or e-mailing them to me.

2006-12-08 18:38:14 Ed Heil

Every so often it becomes obvious to people reading about your lives just how big a boon to a family it can be to have a person with serious pragmatic expertise in ritual in the family.  Wow.

2006-12-08 19:28:01 Meguey

Thanks, Ed. That's really cool of you to say. The other thing is, the rituals we post about are simple to do, so other folks can do them too!

2006-12-09 01:19:49 Judd

This is a fantastic ritual and I'd be honored to take part.

Here's a quote from G.K. Chesterton: "Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."

2006-12-09 01:55:33 blankshield

"We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life."

-William Oser

I'm very proud to have this guy hanging a few generations back in my family tree.


2006-12-10 20:52:11 Ben Lehman

Don't trust people who don't have time to dream, or to play.

2006-12-11 05:59:34 NinJ

For the record, this was my advice:

Never let your fear overcome your curiosity. You've got ten fingers. Live your life with passion and compassion even though people will tell you to cut it out.

2006-12-11 16:53:15 ScottM

Great advice NinJ.  I'm sorry I didn't come by in time, but it sounds like a great event. Congratulations on the first go-round the sun Tovey!

2006-12-11 17:16:21 Meguey

Thanks, everyone, for making it awesome!

And for those who didn't make it, feel free to leave stuff here (a la Judd, James, and Ben), and you will be included in the 'Book for Tovey'.

2006-12-21 19:54:53 Tris

Hey there!

Chances are you've never met me, but here's some advice your mum solicited online:

When you are in your twenties, and you know your parents as people quite a lot older than you, ask them if you can look back at an archive of the conversations they had online with a whole range of people while they were writing games and stuff.  They were pretty cool then, and I'd like you to meet them.

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