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2006-09-26: Life should be more relaxed
by Meguey

And there should be more time in it.

I have all these things I want to write about, like:

the connection between women and violence,


how things have changed for me since publishing a game,


what's the deal with the spy/valkyrie split,


reflections on aging,


what it must be like to love someone for 66 years,


thoughts on my new game



but instead I have to wash dishes and clean the catbox and drive all over getting stuff that we seem to need and somehow find a new car in the process.


Tonight it's not a good night for me. I'd stay up late, but that'd just make me more tired tomorrow.

2006-09-27 13:42:53 Emily

Stupid dishes. :)

what's the deal with the spy/valkyrie split

I'm full of curiousity about that.

2006-09-27 17:05:07 Julia

Well, I hope the new car search started well. At the very least.

What or who are spy and valkyrie?

2006-09-27 20:21:23 NinJ

So... you're not playing Sign In Stranger? Or you are, and are going to regret it?

2006-09-27 20:36:50 PaulCzege

in: the spy/valkyrie split

out: the pirate/ninja war

2006-09-28 02:15:04 blankshield

I hear ya.  I've got a similar list that's being pre-empted by O/T at work, landscaping that's been dragging on due to rain, replacing flat tires, and so on...

I've written about a half dozen pages total since GenCon, and it's majorly bumming me out.


2006-09-28 16:37:44 Meguey

Paul, I totally needed that smile :)

I get hours at a time holding a sleeping baby, which gives me at most one hand free. I can surf and research and draw pixel dolls, but not write. Maybe next week there'll be time.

(NinJ - no, Sign in Stranger was cool. Creepy in places, but fun; some typing.)

2006-10-01 16:51:48 Guy Shalev

I know what you mean, except on my part it's usually malaise/laziness that stops me from writing the hundreds of pages that lurk in my head.

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