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2006-09-15: Black & Green Stuff
by Emily

The Shooting the Moon page is up at the Black & Green web site! It's available there or through IPR.

And Graham Walmsley has been working on an online version of Breaking the Ice. This link is a sample, but the full version is in testing and will be available soon. Jason and Graham tried it out last Tuesday. I get to on Sunday.  W00T!!

2006-09-15 15:07:15 Emily

Here's the link directly to Jason & Graham's game.

2006-09-15 18:04:24 Meguey

Cool! What's up Sunday?

2006-09-19 16:03:45 Ricardo Madeira

Hi ladies!

Hmm... the ampersand in the post title is screwing up the RSS feed for my aggregator. Could you replace it for "and" (or maybe replacing it with the HTML character code would work)?

2006-09-20 15:27:13 Emily

Sorry about the Ampersand.

And Sunday I got to play Breaking the Ice with Graham on his online version. It was much fun: Graham's character turned into a dragon at the end and she trashed San Francisco while duking it out Godzilla style with Poseidon.

2006-10-18 02:49:30 JM

That ampersand is jamming my feed reader too; can we get rid of it?

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