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2006-08-01: 1001 Nights is available for pre-orders
by Meguey

I am now accepting pre-orders for 1001 Nights. $17 US + $2.50 S/H = $19.50, 48 pages perfect bound. This is the special pre-order price, and I will be leaving for GenCon in a week and some odd hours. Gleeps!

Order here!

2006-08-01 01:28:04 Emily


2006-08-01 03:41:00 Clinton R. Nixon

PayPal is having errors and stopping me from showering you with cash monies. Rest assured, it will happen.

2006-08-01 07:26:19 Ricardo Madeira

Yeah, I'm getting errors too. Will try later.

By the way, does the S&H cover international shipping?

2006-08-01 10:39:56 Ben Lehman

My two, possibly three copies will be purchased at GenCon.

Thank you for writing this game.



2006-08-01 12:23:15 Meguey

PayPal is all fixed! Shower away!

2006-08-01 15:59:52 Iskander

Cool! Am I right in noting that the special pre-order price is the same as the Gen Con price, so I'm better off (since I'ma be there) getting one at Gen Con where I can make you write exotic things in the front? (Subtext: Or should it be more expensive in the menu?)

- Alexander

2006-08-01 17:28:41 Meguey

Alexander, you are correct! At GenCon, the book will be $17, AND you can make me write exotic things in your copy!

2006-08-01 22:39:57 Albert

Will the game be making it to IPR anytime soon?

2006-08-02 02:13:51 Meguey

Certainly not anytime soon. I kinda like going to the P.O. every week and sending out books. I liked it with Dogs, and I can't imagine liking it less with 1001 Nights. The demand would have to get pretty darn overwhelming for me to do that. Which, who knows?

2006-08-02 20:10:52 Harald Wagener

international preorder! woot!

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