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2006-07-04: interviews
by Emily

Thomas Robertson is doing interviews with stellar folk. Don't miss them:

Moyra Turkington

Sarah Kahn (and follow-up.)

2006-07-04 19:55:09 Thomas

And man is it fun!  I mean, what's not to like about a chance to pick other smart peoples' brains for their ideas about interesting topics?


2006-07-05 13:38:27 Emily

It's so true! This is a great medium for interviews. It's especially cool to be able to include other people in the conversation, though it doesn't always seguey well that way.

Thomas, what else do you have planned for "immersion month"? :)

2006-07-05 16:03:31 Thomas

Well, in keeping with my hubris, I've decided to kick things off by putting together a comprehensive definition of 'immersion'.  That is, I'm going to try to show that despite the ambiguity of the term, and the myriad of ways it's used, everyone is actually talking about the same thing.

Yeah, I'm a mite intimidated.  But ultimately I'm hoping to get some discussion on the topic going.  It's one of those topics that's so dangerous to bring up that I don't think we've had much good conversation about it.  At least not that I've seen.


2006-07-05 16:15:20 Emily

Mo has good stuff to say about it. My $.02 from way back is here:

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