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2006-06-24: Von Trapplensteinks
by Meguey

Without further ado, I give you:

The noble and worthy Von Trapplensteink clan

Compiled by Meguey Baker


As with all great names, the Von Trapplensteinks pass the family name along the male line, so those who marry in have their own maiden names, also included on this list. It ought to be easy for anyone to see the fine family tree represented here.


Baxter Poindexter Erasmus (the current heir)

Grosskurth Archibald (uncle of Baxter P.E.)

Elocutious Q. Sinister McBaerrenpfeffer (the black sheep maternal uncle)

Quigley Stanza (son of B.P.E., misfortunately named for Elocutious Q.)

Carlyle Alexander Cadmus (father of B.P.E.)

Thedrick Reginald (grandfather of B.P.E.)

Nicolas Phineas Ceasar (brother of B.P.E.)

F. Alsepious Snodgrass (brother-in-law of B.P.E.)

Algernon Bomvolio Snodgrass(nephew of B.P.E)

Gormbauld Fredinand (great-grandfather of B.P.E)

Harmonn Christian Cadwallader-Hornbuckle (great-grandfather of B.P.E)

Victor Trivectus (cousin of B.P.E)

Bergstrom Argyle McBaerrenpfeffer (grandfather of B.P.E.)

Worthington Percy (cousin of B.P.E)

Abergavney Basset (son of Worthington P.)

Sterling Justus (son of Worthington P.)

Patrick Valfredo Penker (uncle of B.P.E.)

Cornelius Leopold Penker (nephew of B.P.E.)

Spencer Thibault Slevin (son of Victor T.)

Galbraith Liberto (son of Victor T.)


Sobriquet Millicent, nee Humphendorfer (wife of B.P.E.)

Merrybelle Gladys Olivia (the young daughter of B.P.E.)

Eurastia Stern (sister of B.P.E.)

Bravura Alabaster Kentch (partner of Eurastia Stern von T.)

Wilactia Wilhelmina, nee McBaerrenpfeffer (mother of B.P.E.)

Berneatha Octavia, nee Cadwallader-Hornbuckle (grandmother of B.P.E.)

Parthenon Perditia C-H (spinster sister of Berneatha)

Phyllis Delphinia, nee von T., now Snodgrass (sister of B.P.E.)

Hortense Marie, nee von T., now Penker(aunt of B.P.E.)

Clemency Caroline nee Cadwallader (distant cousin, wife of Grosskurth)

Flora Aurora Corona (daughter of Grosskurth)(twin)

Fauna Andorra Celesta (daughter of Grosskurth)(twin)

Eucase Belinda, nee Astrogenes(wife of Worthington P.)

Rhoda Desdemona Elisabeth (daughter of Worthington P.)

Janice Kachina Penker (daughter of Hortense)

Sinclaire Bernice, nee Radenberger (wife of Nicolas P.C.)

Leeann Kegan (daughter of Nicolas P.C.)

Myrmidon Bellweather (sister of Gormbauld von T.)

Celedon Anastacia, nee Barthurston (wife of Victor T.)

Broganne Jocasta Fordellia (daughter of Victor T.)

2006-06-24 17:09:26 Jmstar

That's *so* going in the names book.

2006-06-26 21:11:36 Rossum

OMFGWTFBBQ! I love it. My office-mates barely heard the peals of laughter.

2006-06-26 23:15:22 Meguey

Well cool! I did a whole family tree file for them with my genealogy software. I'm a name geek.

2006-06-28 13:59:23 Lisa Padol

What software do you use?


2006-06-28 14:26:31 Meguey

Legacy 5.0. I like the Ancestry software, but I think it's too expensive to pay for each chunk of their files. I mostly use Rootsweb.

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