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2006-05-15: 1001 Nights
by Meguey

So, despite my best efforts (wry grin), there will, in fact, be a play-test doc in T-10.

2006-05-15 17:04:15 Emily

Woo-hoo! Teaser us, Meg! Say more.

2006-05-15 17:07:32 Meguey

*hee* Ok, well, obviously, it's set against a Persian/Arabic fantasy. Dice are called gems, and you use a random assortment, as long as it reminds you of gems. (Note to J: not for eating!)

There's two levels of characters, Courtiers in the Sultan's Palace, and the Story characters they assign each other to while away the time.

Courtiers Envy each other, and have Ambitions they are trying to acheive, one being the Freedom to leave Court.

2006-05-15 18:19:22 mneme


Have you read Kij Johnson's Fudoki?

It's set in the Chinese court, but has some very similar themes (among other things, stories, fraught with meaning, being told/written in a court setting).

2006-05-15 19:30:05 Ninja Monkey J

Ha ha! There's nothing like social pressure!

2006-05-15 20:19:25 Meguey

Yes, thank you, J. Now, what evening next week are you going to play test for me?

2006-05-15 20:25:58 Meguey

More teaserage: I like that it's Odds/Evens that matter when the gems are rolled, not pips.

2006-05-15 22:01:33 Mo

Go Meg! Go Meg!

2006-05-16 12:34:18 Meguey

T minus 9

2006-05-16 21:04:38 Jonathan Walton

Scheherazade says "Yay!"

2006-05-17 16:54:59 Julia

Aw man, I'm looking forward to playing, if only to sate my curiousity and to hang out with you guys! Tell us more, Meg!

2006-05-17 19:43:18 Meguey

T minus 9

2006-05-17 22:54:55 Meguey

Ok, more stuff:

All those stories from childhood? Goldmine.

2006-05-19 12:05:33 Meguey

T minus, what, 7? I haven't been on-line for a couple days (gaspshockhorror!)

Really good playtest last night, though. Should be up in Actual Play at the Forge by the end of the day.

2006-05-20 17:17:40 Vincent

Here's my writeup:

[1001 Nights] Falconer, Midwife, Dancer, Master of Sword

2006-05-21 00:42:01 CharlesS

Wow! That sounds really cool!

Very pull-y. I definitely want to try this.

2006-05-22 12:24:51 Meguey

T minus 4. Ack!

Not really, just means I need to carve out time today to write. Wish me luck!

2006-05-23 00:34:46 Matt Wilson

Extra neato soundy. There's two playtesters in Milwaukee standing by.


2006-05-23 03:11:46 Meguey

Cool, Matt! And I got stuff writ today, so I'm on track.

2006-05-23 03:22:11 Meguey

The part I liked was where the stories just *worked*. Mine was based on Three Blind Mice/Towm mouse-Country-mouse, Em's came from "dust&imagination" and Vincent's was—

—Mary had a little lamb. Ha!

And each one was excellent. I like how, in most games if you realize it's Mary had a little lamb you'd be all "That's it? Lame!" but the way this seems to validate the stories we *already know* is cool. And according to plan :)

2006-05-23 21:41:12 Meguey

T minus 3.

2006-05-25 12:11:39 Meguey

T minus 1.

2006-05-25 14:58:01 Matt S

Oh what a nice Friday it will be.

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