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2006-05-13: Movie list
by Meguey

Here's where I want to jot down movies I want to see. Comments and *short* reviews, no spoliers please, are welcome.

Born Into Brothels

The Longest Yard (original)


13 going on 30

Jane Eyre in Manhattan


Inside Man(the new Spike Lee one)<—saw it

The Pacifier

Take the Lead <—saw it




Mrs. Henderson Presents

The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio

Lake House

V for Vendetta

Wedding Crashers

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Everything is Illuminated

2006-05-15 18:37:43 Julia

I really liked Hellboy. If a movie has good SFX, but is low on plot, I can deal. The acting was pretty good. It was a good ride. We saw it in the theatre, on a date with my husband, sans kids, so it was definitely a good time. I love Ron Perlman, too. (I wonder if the Beauty and the Beast series is on DVD yet. Gotta troll Netflix...)

2006-05-15 19:33:24 Ninja Monkey J

I liked seeing the Cthulhy stuff onscreen, but it wasn't fantastic.

Hellboy is typically very short stories and stretching it to 90 minutes wasn't really beneficial.

2006-05-23 11:57:09 Matt Wilson

Meredith says of 13 Going on 30: "A completely satisfying girl flick." I watched it with her and give Jennifer Garner credit for some real comic talent.

2006-05-23 14:48:14 Emily

The new Spike Lee one was Inside Man, I believe.

I'm not much help with these since I haven't seen any. I'd love to watch some with you, though, if we get the chance. Jane Eyre in Manhattan sounds intriguing.

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