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2006-02-15: Aggregator Roll
by Emily

There are so many good blogs happening in the diaspora that there are several aggregators out there now, collecting rpg theory and design blogs and links. I made one yesterday. That and the that rest I know about are in the links here.

Rob Muadib aka R.A. Mosley started us off with his PPD RPG - Paper Pencil and Dice Rules squidoo lens. This has a short intro on rpgs, lists other meta sites, has many many rss feeds and links to blogs with discussion of rpgs, links to forums and related books to buy.

His second lens PPD RPG Design - Mechanics and Design has links to essays and texts on rpg design. Good reading.

Chris Chinn has The RPG Diaspora, which has rss feeds for all the usual suspects along with links to rp communities like the Forge and NerdNYC.  I've been going here a lot to see what folks are thinking. My thanks to Chris for pointing out these lenses!

Arthaus roleplaying by Jukka Koskelin collects blogs from the nordic scene, and includes links to essays about rp movements there including Jeepform and the Turku school. Lots of good info on LARPing and discussion of immersion. I'm really excited about this one!

Designer Games is the one I added.  My thanks to the person who coined that term recently. It's specifically about games in process. It has a link to Troy's 19, some other foundational essays, theory link sites and links to forums and magzines on rpg theory. Then it has rss feeds for blogs where people have been discussing their game online: talking about mechanics issues, problems they've been having, results of playtests etc. I'm sure it's not complete, so if you know of more or want yours added, please let me know. Only games in progress (prior to publication), though, and only if it's actively being worked on in the blog. I'm using this as a spur to get myself to remember to do this!

2006-02-15 15:51:12 Merten

It's too bad that the Arthaus folks are ominously silent when it comes to blogsphere (and these days, the net in general), so there's not much activity in that lens. There is some stuff in writer's native languages, but I'm excluding those.

2006-02-15 18:52:01 Emily

Hi Merten!

Ominously silent?

2006-02-15 20:35:01 Merten

Well, the number of Arthaus players is quite large and for example, Knutpunkt gathers both a lot of visitors and lot's of articles. Aside from this we have, what, less than half dozen blogs our journals.

I'd call that silent indeed.

2006-02-15 22:01:22 Emily


I completely empathize. If I didn't share this blog with Meg, what you'd mostly hear from me is "....."

That's the nice thing about collecting them together too, shares the burden of being up to date.

2006-02-17 04:13:24 Rob Muadib


Nice looking lens, (RPG's lens will pwnz0r Squidoo! :) ), I will throw a link to it in my meta-site links. Also, I should point out that you can add my very own Design Journal (that has been lacking in Design Journalage lately, at, where I am hashing Terramyr: Chronicles of the Eternal Cycle, aka TCOTEC, aka my Opus Magnum of Procrastination:) Actually almost ready to post about my revised core mechanic and rewritten mechanic write up, and do a Power 19 post to get me back on track. Instead of getting off onto blogosphere rants, or squidoo lense pimping. Now to just stop procrastinating by reading other peoples blogs and stuf:)

2006-02-17 21:47:11 Emily

Sure thing, Rob.

Also, got the go ahead to add Meg and Fair Game for her 1001 Nights.

Happy dance! Meg rocks!

Sorry I didn't ask you first, Meg!

2006-03-03 15:21:24 Emily

Sadly, squidoo gone crazy today. Ah, well. It's all in beta.

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