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2006-01-16: Dreamation Bound
by Emily

For all those in the greater NJ area, (and beyond if you can make it) the fine folks of Double Exposure are putting on another convention next weekend: Dreamation 2006, January 19-22.

The line up of games being run for the Indie Game Explosion is wickedly impressive. A heap of them will be run by their authors (Michael S. Miller will run With Great Power, Tony Lower-Basch will run Capes, Luke Crane will run Burning Wheel, Ben Lehman will run Polaris, and I'll be there running Breaking the Ice), and there are sneak previews of games soon to hit the presses going on (Face of Angels by Clinton R. Nixon, Shock by Joshua Newman and Carry by Nathan Paoletta).

This is my first time going, but I cannot wait. From what I hear, this is one of the best cons around. Vincent & Joshua had a great time last year. Any good war stories folks want to share?

2006-01-16 18:01:53 Matt Wilson

I wish I could go. Just didn't have any spare cash for plane fare. Damn tuition.

Hope it's fun!

2006-01-16 19:06:04 Ninja Monkey J

It was the first time I played Mountain Witch, and it was an excellent experience. Also, I've never before or since eaten so little vegetable matter for such an extended period, and we had to actually steal water to not die. This time, I think we should bring some water.

Damn, Mountain Witch was fun, and that game was the reason I decided that I'd take a swing at a late-night game of Shock: to get a really solid group playing and get some feedback before it goes to press in March.

The whole con was a blast, too. The people-meeting alone was worth it. That's where I first met Keith, Clinton (whom Vincent and I met in the bus station, quite by accident), Mike Miller (who ran what I understand was a typically excellent game of My Life with Master), Tony L-B, Jenn Rodgers, and Andrew Morris, Eric Provost, and... it seems like I'm forgetting some people I had a really good time with.

Matt, man, you gotta put your dog to work or something. It's a whole shitpile of fun. Also, I really want you in my Shock: game.

2006-01-16 19:53:17 Vincent

So here's me and Joshua in Grand Central Station trying to find our bus out to New Jersey. We've come down on the train from New Haven lugging our stuff, we're weary, and Joshua thinks I'm a moron who deserves to suffer for not having a backpack. The bus is hourly or something and boy oh boy do we want to catch this one. We run (me limping and dragging my taped-together plastic box and my sleeping bag) up the stairs, around the thingy place, we ask a knowledgeable-looking person which bus, we run that way, stop do buy a bus ticket from a machine -

And some guy comes up to us. He's like, "this is a weird-ass question, but you aren't Vincent, are you?"

True story, how I met Clinton R. Nixon.

On the bus out to New Jersey, we talked about growing up crazy-religious and sex. To Joshua we might have been talking about growing up on the moon.

2006-01-17 16:42:49 Albert A

Playing Polaris with Ben is crazy cool. Well, I didn't have a chance to, but my girlfriend did at KueiCon, and I was in the room watching for a bit, and it was crazy cool just to watch. He has all of the imagery, all of the style, all of the poetry that makes that book mystical locked up somewhere in that brain of his, just waiting to come pouring out.

All three of the protagonists reached veteran in three hours, which is kind of scary.

2006-01-24 14:29:25 Emily

Dreamation was wicked awesome. Check out the Forge thread round up here.

2006-01-25 20:05:45 Joshua Kronengold

It was good meeting you!

2006-01-26 14:22:04 Emily

Same here!  It was an amazing time.

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