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2006-01-06: ..And the Word was Lego
by Emily

I may be way behind the meme on this, but damn.  The bible illustrated with Lego:

The Brick Testament

Warning: sexual/adult content in some passages.  Lo, and you may heed the ratings.

2006-01-07 09:45:31 Blankshield

As a Lego fan, I've been aware of those for a long long time; Brendan does some brilliant dioramma work.  As a christian, all I'll note is that Brendan isn't, and his bias, um, shows.

Gorgeous work, though.


2006-01-09 00:36:09 Meguey

People are wacked creative, y'know. This is cool, and though I clearly see what you mean, James, about his bias, I do think that making things like The Seduction of Lot and the Murder of the Virgin Daughter in Lego makes them unthreatening enough in and of themselves that people might be able to discuss the darker side of the Bible.

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