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2010-11-12: Age issues in Psi-Run
by Meguey

I keep running up against a thing in Psi-Run where I've played it tons with kids ages 9 and up, and not so much with adults. And 98% of the kids choose a PC who is slightly older than themselves, mostly in the upper teens/early 20s. How old are the folks you've played with, and how old are the PCs, in general?

I have this game in my head where everyone plays a PC who is 65+, and it's chilling and awesome. in my head.

2010-11-14 00:30:13 Deightine

The test groups I've been pulling to run it with are in college, from 20-28 in age, and the last group had two teen characters and two adults, one in their 20s and the other in his 30s.

2010-11-24 02:33:05 Meguey

Cool, thanks.

2010-11-26 05:50:14 Chris Moore

I've played in games with people running characters aged from 9 or 10 to 50 or so.

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