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2010-10-18: Psi Running
by Meguey

I'm 20 pages through the writing, and everything's looking really good. I intend to send out playtest files this evening.

2010-10-18 17:05:24 juliusz

Hi Meguey, would you need some external playtesters?

2010-10-18 19:41:00 Emily

Woo hoo!

2010-10-20 02:18:07 Meguey

Hi Juli; sure, what's your e-mail?

2010-10-20 07:38:08 juliusz

It's rithmomachy at gmail dot com ;-)

2010-10-21 04:36:15 Anarchangel

I playtested this a few years ago and often wonder what happened to it, so I can't wait for the game to reappear! Run on!

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