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2010-10-12: Thoughts on Psi-Run
by Meguey

Yep. Lots of them. Mostly about book design and art. Anyone want to do a black & white sketch of a psychic kid/teen/young adult for consideration? Small groups would be ok too.

Things to maybe think about:





-how obvious their psi power(s) are or are not

-what psychic powers you wanted most when your were 8 or 15 or 23

-what looks cool on a 1/2 sheet

2010-10-12 14:20:29 Jason M

What's the current scoop on Psi Run, Meg? I don't know the game's status any more.

2010-10-12 19:19:02 Meguey

With Chris' blessings, I'm finishing it up, looking toward a spring release. Have you played the game in the ashcan form? It's not drastically different - it really only needed a little nudge and a polish.

2010-10-12 19:21:39 Jason M

Maybe I need to read Fair Game more often, eh? Sorry! Good luck! I love Psi Run.

2010-10-12 19:22:19 Jason M

I've played the *hell* out of the game! I'm really glad you are shepherding it to completion.

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