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2010-09-30: Running with Psi
by Meguey

I'm about to put Psi-Run out for play-testing! This is Chris Moore's game based on Vincent's mechanic and finished by me - yay group effort! Anyone interested?

2010-09-30 23:08:33 John Harper


oneseven at the gmail.


2010-09-30 23:07:06 Jarvis

Heck yeah! I was a big fan of Psi-Run when I picked up the ashcan from GenCon, but I was sad that nothing more ever came from it. I'd definitely like to check out the revision!

2010-09-30 23:11:46 Jarvis

neastrith at gmail

2010-10-01 01:40:55 Mike Sands

I'd like to as well - I have heard a lot of good stuff but had no chance to play it. Contact: mike at generic dot net dot nz

2010-10-01 01:41:45 Mike Sands

Oops, I messed up my email address. generic dot gen dot nz is what it should be. Argh.

2010-10-01 03:24:11 Colin Creitz

ccreitz, via gmail. Very excited to read!

2010-10-01 05:20:49 AnttiKi

I would be very interested to try Psi-Run out as I've heard it does something similar as one idea-on-hiatus of mine. anttiki at gmail

2010-10-01 07:54:59 Clyde L. Rhoer

Seriously? I still have my manilla envelope. I'd love to check it out, Meg. Theory From the Closet put together as one word, and sent to that Gmail place will get to me.

2010-10-01 12:59:22 Christopher Drake

Would also love to take a look at it. Been lurking here reading for quite some time, would enjoy a chance to participate. deightine at abstrusion dot org.

2010-10-02 02:02:40 Paul Czege

So, Agon, Kagematsu, and now Psi Run. I think finishing an abandoned game that you love is officially now a thing.

2010-10-04 13:55:19 thor

thor atmark gmail dot com

I have been a big fan since the ashcan and look forward to seeing the growth since then

2010-10-04 13:55:46 thor

make that thorhansen@ the rest

2010-10-05 14:42:55 Emily

That's exciting! I look forward to playing with you as you work on it, Meg.

2010-10-05 17:31:13 Eric J. Boyd

I loved the ashcan and would be eager to give the revision a try - ejboyd at gmail.

2010-10-12 18:36:56 Keith

Oh goodness, please say you can still use some folks.

amazingrobots at gmail dot com

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