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2010-06-21: Thresholds
by Emily

It's summer solstice today. Summer bonfires are burning. People dance through the longest day, the light lasting longer and longer as you head north, until the day never ends.

This day is symbolized by the rune Dagaz, also Daeg or Day. From the rune poem: "Day, the glorious is beloved of men, a source of hope and happiness to rich and poor, and of service to all." In our fields, the strawberries are ripening. The flavor of Summer Solstice is sweet and delicious.

The Rune also symbolizes a doorway, the turning point in the year. The shape is like an hour glass on its side, tilted once the sands have run out. The year changes here. The lengthening light begins to shorten. It's a time of change, as we move from sowing to reaping in the harvest, and for celebrating bounty.

Solstice brings great change to me this year. Today I head down to NYC to help Eppy pack up the remainder of his things. For now New York will be a beloved destination, with our home base in Massachusetts.  On Thursday, Thor's day, we head back north together, following the light and new sweetness together. On Friday, Friga's day, we begin.

2010-06-28 22:04:16 Meguey

Blessed be!

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