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2005-12-01: The art of the story
by Meguey

I just have to point to these three stories over on the Forge as being lovely, perfect examples of story-telling. Thanks Ron!

2005-12-03 03:57:37 Ron Edwards

My pleasure. I'd eventually like to post others, but I decided not to force them. The third one felt a little forced, and you can see I forgot to give it a plot.

I'll keep that inspiration channel open and see if anything more's going to arrive.

2005-12-03 04:24:15 Keith

I was having a shitty day the other day.  Seemed like every fire I had put out at work started three more.  Then I read Ron's three stories and couldn't stop giggling.  That is what makes good story, making a big angry dude giggle like he was nine and in sex education class.

2005-12-03 07:56:52 Ben Lehman

There's a plot in the third one.  It's just a plot that's very dispersed in time.

At least, I think there's a plot.  But I could just be reading my personal experience into it.



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