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2009-10-14: Runes
by Emily

Back some time ago, I made a set of runes for folks to use online. They are just a basic 24 of the Old Futhark.  They have the Germanic names here, though I tend to think of them using the Anglo-saxon names, myself. But if you'd like a quick reading, go cast three, and check out the interpretations here.

Wishing you joy, play and bounty.

2009-10-15 14:14:06 anon.

Okay, I did, but I don't really know how to interpret them.  Is there any significance to the positioning, like with tarot?

Mine were: Kenaz, Eihwaz, Fehu.

2009-10-15 14:15:36 Marhault

Stupid thing didn't save my name.  That was me!

2009-10-15 15:52:06 Emily


The three positions are three aspects of the question or your situation, and the cards modify one another. In other readings they might be past/present/future, self/ environment/world, or self/obstacle/outcome.

What a nice trio you got there! Kenaz is creativity and renewal. Seems like you have some creative expression coming up, or something is moving forward in your life. Eihwaz means longevity or being part of the cycle of things. Fehu is wealth or resources. It also indicates industry or work.

It sounds to me like you are putting, or this would be a good time for you to put, your energy into new or creative endeavors that are focused on the long-term. With some hard work they could bring you material rewards.

2009-10-19 14:56:51 Marhault

Cool!  That's pretty much how I had interpreted them as well.  Thanks, Emily!

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