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2009-08-11: GenCon bound
by Emily

Eppy and I are piling into a car crammed with games and baggage tomorrow morning. We're heading off for the annual 14 hour drive to Indianapolis, for four monster days of gaming at GenCon. I'm psyched to be part of Pirate Jenny, and to bring Sign in Stranger (imagine!) and RPGirl, but I am thinking right now of all the folks who won't be there this year.

You know who you are, consider yourself missed!

2009-08-18 21:41:26 ScottM

How did Pirate Jenny and RPGirl go?

2009-08-19 14:57:18 Emily

They went great! People were excited about Pirate Jenny and came by to buy lots. We sold out of several games, including Kagematsu (we couldn't keep them on the shelves—Danielle had hand made origami kimonos on the covers, they were so gorgeous!), Tales of the Fisherman's Wife (Julia could have sold a lot more, even though it was still the ashcan version), Sign in Stranger and also RPGirl. We brought in a lot of people who had no connection with the indie community from them seeing the title and wandering in to find out more. It was a great experience.

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