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2009-07-20: Warhammer 40K a la 1001 Nights
by Emily

Jonathan Walton posted a link on Story Games to a hack he did quite some time ago of Meg's 1001 Nights using the Warhammer 40K setting. Complete with character sheet. It's kind of crazily charming. :)

A Sample character by Dev:

Trentnor, Exalted Blood Angels Hero

I smell of saffron and roses.

The ashes of dead comrades lay on my tongue.

I've ruined billions of souls in my grasp.

One eye is a penetrating blue; the other is grey-green, and look towards the past.

I hear heresies.

Envy: Albraxis: His wisdom.

Envy: Chamfort: His status.

Envy: Amasian: His vocabulary.

Heresey: The telos of the space marine is to exterminate all life.

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