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2009-07-15: Pirate Jenny is under way!
by Emily

There will be a new group in town at GenCon Indy this year. In the tradition of PlayCollective and Design Matters, six gaming companies and a gang of enthusiastic gamers will hit the decks as Pirate Jenny in August.  It's a great crew, though some folks will be taking part remotely. Curse this downturn in the economy! Here's the personae and games that we'll have in tow:

  • Emily Care Boss of Black and Green Games, with Sign in Stranger, first human colony on an alien world, and RPG = Role Playing Girl, a zine about women and gaming.
  • Julia Bond Ellingboe of Stone Baby Games, with Tales of the Fisherman's Wife, a game of demons, flirtation and temptation.
  • Anna Kreider of Tasty Bacon Games, with Thou Art but a Warrrior, a Polaris Mod, and her fantastic original art.
  • Danielle Lewon of Cream Alien Games, with Kagematsu, a game of samurai, honor, desperation and love.
  • Kat and Michael S. Miller, of Incarnadine Press, with Serial Homicide Unit, the killer is out on the streets tonight.
  • Michelle Mishko, expert GM and cat wrangler, kicking ass and taking names.
  • Terry Hope Romero, long-time gamer and vegan cook extraordinaire, to demo and raise a ruckus.
  • Elizabeth Shoemaker of Two Scooters Press, with Homecoming, one soldier's story.

Plus of course, the older games of all these folks. It's a grand thing to see so many games from women! A sign of the times.

We've got a blog where we'll post updates:

We'll be at Booth 2023. Come visit!

2009-07-15 16:13:10 Marc Majcher

Awesome! Can't wait to see y'all there!

2009-07-15 16:41:45 Fred Hicks

*Great* line-up. I like this idea.

Pity I won't be making it to GenCon this year. :-P

2009-07-15 16:46:46 Seth Ben-Ezra

So, hang on. Does this mean that the final version of Sign In Stranger will be available? That's not just an ashcan?

2009-07-15 17:00:38 Matt Wilson

OMG so much awesome in one space. Now I'm a little sad i'm not going this year.

2009-07-15 17:07:55 Sean Nittner

Wow, that looks awesome.  This is my first year going to Gen Con, awesome that I'll get to see Pirate Jenny.

2009-07-15 17:32:53 Emily

Yay! Thanks everyone. Dangit Matt and Fred. How are we going to have fun if you're not there?!

Seth: I've finally got the rules for playing 1-3 sessions down, but am still going for the gold on the long term game. So it's still an ashcan, but on the way to the final!

2009-07-16 00:34:58 Mo

Very frickin' cool.

Wish I could be there, without actually doing all the, you know, con stuff.

2009-07-16 14:57:07 Emily

We'll have to arrange some kind of other rendezvous sometime. How close are you to Madison, WI?

2009-07-29 17:07:04 Christoph

Wow! I hope you have a great time at that booth! How I'd like to see a "womanned" booth at a con, I hope the idea spreads thanks to your example!

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