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2009-05-26: It is Alive
by Emily

Time to talk about our blog-fellow today. You may recall Vincent's Hungry, Desperate and Alone. Damned if I can find a link to the thing, though oddly there is a description on, and a link to buy it on DriveThruRPG? The internet. What a dusty closet it is.

But there is news! Victor Gijsberg read it way back, and loved it I suppose. Which is cool, the game deserves some love in my book. We played it a couple times—you play vampires in their relationships with their victims. We usually flinch from that, and go for bags of blood in the refridgerator or a slumped body in a dark alley. Oh, except for Twilight. Gah. Let's not go there. But in Hungry Desperate and Alone the desperation that would lead a human to see the Vampire's need as love, the hunger that would pull a bloodsucker into relationship with a human in order to survive, and the isolation that all this engenders are front and center.

Oh, I guess we did kind of go there after all.

Greg Costikyan reviewed the game Victor's come up with since then. I'm glad to see the girl is still kicking.

2009-05-26 15:55:33 Emily

Thanks to Olle for pointing that story out!

2009-05-26 17:25:48 Emily

Ah, sad typos: Victor Gijsbers, is correct.

2009-05-26 17:57:02 Vincent

Here's Hungry Desperate and Alone on the Wayback Machine. I oughta repost it at, but I haven't yet.

The game's broken! The long-term mechanical cycle is a brake on the game's action. It grinds to a stop instead of playing.

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