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2009-02-12: The things I carry
by Meguey

My purse cost me $20 at a craft fair six years ago. I love it. It's full of pockets and reversible, washable and durable. And it was wearing out.


So, today I bought a pair of kid's jeans to cut up and mend my bag. It worked!


Then I had to repack it with all the stuff I carry with me every day, and that seemed worth a shot in honor of my hardworking bag. Why do I have so much dental floss??


2009-02-12 14:37:24 Seth Ben-Ezra

Nice bag!

I've lugged some type of bag with me for years now, and it's always full of stuff that know...important.

Though, yours is cooler, because it's old and worn.

2009-02-14 02:39:56 Emily

How does it all fit in there? Mine is like that too. Are all bags really tardises? Or bags of holding?

2009-02-14 18:52:36 Meguey

I tried to take a picture of what it looks like full, but it just looked like a bag. I think that's the sigh of a good bag - it can hold what you need it to hold without looking too full or feeling too awkward.

2009-02-17 19:04:59 Gregor

Hey, Meg, is that one of those funny crystal d6s there? (the green thing next to the pip and numbered d6s)

2009-02-25 19:07:45 Nathan

I love how worn the wood looks.

I think it looks a bit nicer two-toned too.

2009-03-01 22:23:12 Meguey

Yes, Gregor, that is a crystal d6. Everything is basically exploded from it's position inside. The front right pocket is for business - my calender, journal, calculator, pens, etc. The front left pocket is for entertaining small children - a pocket kite, stickers, paintset, finger puppets, bubbles, and dice. All the silver things are discount tokens for a local market - good for a free slice of pizza or the like.

Continuing around, there's a box of cards (used for MotherWoman meetings), a diaper (be prepared!), and my wallet. These are the bulk of the inside items. For the internal pockets, there's a couple mini tube flashlights, metal nail file, a sharpie, a little wrench/screwdriver, a metal shoehorn, whistles, nail polish, collapsible toothbrush and the tiniest tube of tooth paste ever, a mirror, hair ties, LOTS of dental floss, condoms, gum, mentholated cough drops, four kinds of lip balm, tampons, assorted band-aids in a yellow case, wet wipes, and a sewing kit with buttons and several pre-threaded needles in assorted colors, and a half dozen interesting rocks.

There's usually a mini tub of play dough in the kid pocket, an orange prescription bottle full of change for parking, and a couple instant heat hand warmers in there as well.

Full up, there's still room for a nice paperback book, and it's not too huge or heavy to carry.

I like the two-tone look and worn wood, too.

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