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2009-02-02: Thing-A-Day
by Meguey

TAD is an annual February 'create something every day' thing. Last year I did pencil drawings until I got really sick. This year I'm going to finish up various quilt projects. Of course I started the month by starting a new quilt project. Yay for logic!

Day One: I cut all the strips for a quilt. The fabric's a really huge scale pink and green tulip on chocolate brown - no one could wear it as fabric, and I think it would make horrid curtains or etc. I have high hopes for it cut into little tiny bits and reassembled, though![caption id="attachment_830" align="alignnone" width="432" caption="Stack of strips"]Stack of strips[/caption]

2009-02-02 04:54:36 Mo

I was going to do origami and designed a board game instead. Go fig!

I've always wanted to learn how to quilt. I'm sure it will be one of those things I just decide to do one year and end up devouring.

Looks promising!

I also like your pincushion d12.

2009-02-02 14:57:21 Meguey

Quilting's not that complex - find the Quilt-in-a-day series and go from there.

My mom made a dozen or so of those balls when I was in high school. I think she originally intended to sell them at a church craft fair as baby toys, but they hung around our house for years instead. Periodically, we'd have an indoor 'snowball fight' with them, which was especially funny since we lived in San Diego CA at the time, and snow was a distant memory for childhood.

2009-02-03 18:18:02 Mo

Not so much a matter of complexity, just a matter of time or focus and a dedicated space to work in. But thanks for the recommend - I'm sure I will one day get around to it. In the last year it's been origami, mastering the rubik's cube (and then the rubik's revenge). A couple of years ago it was wetform leather mask making before that, drawing.

It will call me one day, and when it does, I already have the scraps to dedicate to it: my uncle was a furrier when I was growing up. When he closed his store he saved a big box of lovely, satiny lining scraps. It's full if vintage patterns and cool colours. Plus I have a box of pastel satin scraps from when I was in high school and was thinking of doing quilting.

One of the reasons that I know I'll get around to it eventually is that I've kept these things around through three or five radical purging of my possessions.

2009-02-04 13:51:28 Meguey

Argh! The TAD site never loaded fully for me last night to post my thing for day 3. So I'll play catch-up later, I hope.

Anyway, I finished a quilt that's actually been in use for 6 years, and took a few photos of quilt-stuff.

Mo, If you're working with satins right off the bat, I suggest using a super-light weight fusible backing, to stabilize and control the slippery stuff before you even cut it. The stabilizer will help with fraying, too.

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