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2009-01-31: 25 Random Things About Me
by Meguey

(from a Facebook meme thing)

Basically, you share 25 random facts about yourself. After I did a few, I realized I could make almost all of the numbers relevant to a random fact about me. You don't need to do that of course - it's extra work.

1 My single most favorite color is orange. Green, purple and grey are nice too.

2 I've traveled through every state in the 48 contiguous USA, many of them more than once. I'm still working on the last two, Hawaii and Alaska.

3 When I was 3, my favorite play-mates were two apple trees I named Fire and Sugar.

4 I was in a house-fire when I was 4; it sucked, but no-one was hurt.

5 I was home-schooled for 5th and 6th grades.

6 In the past three years, six people in my family have died. Most recent was my brother-in-not-law, last September.

7 <—- is my least favorite number. Numbers have flavor to me, and 7s taste soapy.

8 When I was 8, I took violin lessons. Now I'm relearning with my second son, who is currently 8.

9 I have a severe weakness for Crayola crayons and related products. 9 of the 'original' (meaning 'from when I was a kid') colors have been retired or replaced: Green Blue, Orange Red, Orange Yellow, Violet Blue, Maize, Lemon Yellow, Blue Gray, Raw Umber and Thistle.

10 I can sew, quilt, spin, crochet, weave, embroider, cross-stitch, cane chairs, and do fiberglass body repair on cars, but I don't knit. I *can*, I just *don't*. No room for the yarn. Everything else, I have on hand and could do tomorrow. 9 out of 10 isn't bad.

11 When I was 11, I discovered the graphic novel ElfQuest. I once owned every single issue, before bookworms ate most of my collection. If I had boundless money, I'd troll eBay until I replaced every last one.

12 At one point, I had memorized the entirety of Rocky Horror Picture Show, with songs and call-outs. I played Riff-Raff in the local floor show, which starts at 12 Midnight.

13 Except for pregnancy, I've been the shape I am since I was 13.

14 I was part of the medieval re-enactment group the SCA for 14 years, and received my Award of Arms. My SCAdian name is Kiersten auf Bergantal.

15 I once had 15 cats at one time (two sisters and their litters). Now I only have three.

16 For my American History/Textile Design degree from Hampshire, I made 16 quilts.

17 I love other people's dogs. This has no numerical significance.

18 Vincent and I have been together for 18 years, legally married since 1993.

19 When I met Vincent, I was 19.

20 When we got married, he was 20. He couldn't legally have had alcohol at our wedding if we'd wanted to serve any.

21 When I was 21, I had lived in more houses than I was years old.

22 I love nail polish even though I rarely wear it. I have easily 22 bottles on my dresser. Probably twice that in the house.

23 My hair is 23 inches long and the exact color of a good dark maple syrup.

24 <—- is my most favorite number. Not only does it divide nicely in many ways (2,3,4,6,8,12), it tastes like apple pie.

25 My oldest son was born when I was 25.

2009-01-31 16:07:28 Judd

24 is my favorite number too.  My mother and I were both born on the 24th.

2009-01-31 22:47:57 shreyas

Oh hey! Me and mine too.

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