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2008-04-30: Breaking the Ice and Shooting the Moon in pdf
by Emily

Hi everyone,

Just in time for Spring, Breaking the Ice and Shooting the Moon are now available in pdf format.  The pdfs include the full text and illustrations from the print versions, formatted in landscape, letter-size pages for ease of printing. I cleaned up the text a bit in each, and Breaking the Ice now features a more pleasing character sheet—that still has all of the usual hints and reminders for playing the game.

You can get the pdfs from me at Black and Green Games as well as from Indie Press Revolution.  They've got package deals and bundles, too, at IPR.

Now to get cranking on Under my Skin and Sign in Stranger.  Oh! There are pages for each of these games (and other free ones and playtest drafts) at Black & Green, too. You can download the latest playtest versions and see links for play reports. Go check it out.

Happy Spring!



2008-05-04 13:10:43 stefandirklahr

Oh, wow... i love that cover for Sign in Stranger!

2008-05-04 17:28:28 Emily

Thanks! Jenn did an amazing job on it. She perfectly brought to life an idea I had—and then made it 100 times better. The hair and clothes make me especially happy.

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