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2008-04-01: Sign up now!
by Emily

Looks like Google has gotten the drop on Sign in Stranger and begun the process of colonization of Mars. Always the forward thinkers, they.

Project Virgle

2008-04-01 17:11:49 Emily

Man, that questionnaire is great. Wouldn't it be brilliant to use it in a game?

Actually, I should think about it...

2008-04-01 18:24:08 Meguey

If only it had been some other date...

2008-04-02 12:51:52 Emily

I know. Ah, but we can dream, can't we?

2008-04-03 23:04:19 Christoph

Even though I'm hooked to the net like it was a physical dependency, I only discovered the Virgle project now through this blog. He.

Is there a printer friendly version of the SiS playtest document?

2008-04-06 05:55:39 Emily

Glad to be of service, Christoph. The pdf at the black and green games site should be printer friendly.  Let me know if you have a problem with it.

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