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2008-03-20: 1001 Nights update
by Meguey

I was successfully wooed by Brennan and Fred (who won me over by dancing with my toddler at Dreamation)and I'm now up on IPR. Whohoo!

The lovely folks at Narrattiva ( be doing the Italian translation and publishing of 1001 Nights. I really like the way they've handled PTA and Dogs, so I feel as though I'm in good hands.

2008-03-21 17:11:33 ScottM

Congratulations!  I hope that leads more people to stumble over it.

2008-03-23 03:39:24 Meguey

So far so good. I'll know more in a few months, of course. Thanks for the good wishes.

2008-03-25 10:58:36 Gregor

Yes! I was super-pleased to see this and hopefully stores will start picking it up too.

Hopefully Vincent has returned in one piece to you by now too. :-)

2008-03-26 00:19:43 Meguey

Yes, in fact he has. Thanks for taking good care of him.

2008-03-26 18:11:08 Gregor

No problem. One day we'll get you all over here for a holiday so you can see the countryside.

2008-03-26 19:17:58 Meguey

Clearly, you and Vincent have been in cahoots, as he's been saying the same thing.

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