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2008-03-04: Insurgency Report
by Emily

Our Meg was recently interviewed by Rob Bohl on his podcast show Independent Insurgency.  Rob has started a neat little series here. His perspective is that of a designer talking to another designer. The questions he asks give you an inside look at the process of making games and the place they hold in the designers' lives.  Meg talked about creating 1001 Nights, publishing the book and also gives a sneak peak into the other games that she's working on, like Intertwined, her deliciously sexy game of boundary exploration.

Go listen!

Meg's Interview on the Independent Insurgency

2008-03-04 18:29:40 Emily

Rob also interviewed Julia Ellingboe, Vincent Baker, Judd Karlman and Epidiah Ravachol. With more on the way!

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