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2007-10-26: thought for the day
by Emily

With gratitude to Star for the link:


2007-10-29 01:39:23 Meguey

To which I say, a loud AMEN!

(P.S. Em, when are you coming back? We miss you in the land of the East.)

2007-10-29 17:48:51 Emily

I'm home! I missed you all. See you Thursday? And maybe Weds for trick or treating too?

Much love is sent to you from the NW.

2007-10-29 21:31:57 Joshua

Yes on Thursday, absolutely!

... hey, I replied in this thread already! What happened to that? Crap!

The gist was,

Every so often, my dad says to me, "You should be careful about what you write on your blog. Your clients will look at that." In particular, he's concerned about a particular historical synagogue I'd like to work with.

I figure, while I have the na??ve courage to keep writing what I feel, I'd better keep doing it. Because if I don't get the job, I've just put a little bit more cotton in my ears and around my heart and I haven't gotten anything for it.

2007-10-29 21:32:05 Joshua

That's what happened! I had "human " with a space after it. Dammit!

2007-10-30 02:44:54 Meguey

Weds for T-o-T is GO! Anytime after 3 pm, we'll be here gearing up.

2007-10-30 03:21:23 Emily

Yay for Weds and thurs!

And, also, this is a serious issue for folks.  Getting a tattoo was a similar step for me—and I do have mine where they can be easily covered by clothing.

But dammit, why do we so easily give up what and who we are for things that ask us not to be them? Or is that privilege speaking that we have the option not to give a damn?

2007-10-30 15:16:50 Joshua

Is T-o-T "Tattoo on Tuchas"?

2007-10-30 18:07:51 Meguey

It could be.

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