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2007-09-18: JiffyCon November 17
by Emily

Hi everyone,

JiffyCon is officially scheduled for 2 months from now. On Saturday November 17th, we'll gather again in Greenfield, MA for fun, food and friends.  Crash space is available if you're traveling in from out of state. Let us know.  I've heard from lots of folks already—it should be like old home weekend—and we've heard from lots of new people in the area.  We may have to rent a hall for dinner. :)

What we've got on the slate to be run so far:

Dogs in the Vineyard

1,001 Nights

Steal Away Jordan



Acts of Evil (mwa ha ha)


And two games written for the occasion: a day in the war (by me), set in Iraq, and a structured freeform by Jonathan Walton set in fairy tales realms.  JW, say more about it if you'd like.

The website is up:

We've got three more slots for games. Let me know soon if you want to GM.

Can't wait to see everyone!



2007-09-19 02:57:58 Emily

Lucky 7s!

(It's always been 2007, right?)

Oh, look how cute the one for our first JiffyCon was!  Oh, but I should definitely include a link to IPR like I did then. How on earth did I lose that?

2007-09-19 01:54:12 Meguey

Looks great Em! Double check the dates for past JiffyCons, though - I think some are meant to be 2006.

2007-09-18 19:36:14 Emily

Two months from now, unfortunately.


2007-09-18 19:32:25 ScottM

Just checking, though I doubt I'll benefit...

One month from now (October) or Saturday November 17th? I suspect the latter...

2007-09-18 19:33:09 ptevis

Curses! Dreamation better come soon.

2007-09-19 12:07:29 Meguey

The rush of excitement?

2007-09-20 00:35:02 Majcher

Dangit, this really makes me want to not be in the middle of Texas... have fun, y'all!

2007-09-27 14:12:39 Emily

Looks like we are set for games, though if we have a *really* huge turn out, I may conscript some gms at the last minute.

And plus there is after hours for more—so please bring your stuff even if you're not on the schedule.

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