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2005-10-19: Lonely no more
by Emily

So, time was that geeks/goths/gamers/pagans/you-name-it felt lonely and isolated. Alone as wierdo outsiders in a society that didn't understand them & treasuring connection with others of their kind. (Ok, I'm exaggerating, but you know, it was kind of crappy in high school.)

Enter the internet:

Looks like our lonely days are no more.

Or are they? Go sign up!

2005-10-20 17:46:15 Emily

Aside from it proving yet again how fantastically awesome Clint is, it's a thrill to see these networking engines pop up.  I love taking the random survey thing we've done so many times and putting it to use. And all the little flags on the world map showing where folks are wicked cute, and also world-view revising.  We're literally on the map.

There are still loooooots of other folk out there though, that aren't represented.  I wonder if our social circles (ie our blog reading communities) intersect well enough to broaden the appeal & thus make the new connections we want.  The rollistes site was posted on, which hooks it in to a much broader group, but word of mouth may be the right way to go about this. Let the folks who sign on be the one we can/will connect with.  Or is that an elitest way of looking at it & thus detrimental?

2005-10-25 16:52:01 Matt Wilson

Em, I think you might be the only person on Earth besides his mom that Clinton allows to call him "Clint."

I call him "Honey Lips," but that's a story for another time.

And I think the word on FindPlay is branching out in some areas, and in a few cases it's far beyond the "indie" scene. There are many "D&D, Shadowrun, GURPS" listings already.

2005-10-25 18:05:01 Emily

There are many "D&D, Shadowrun, GURPS" listings already.

Good to hear our diversity is rising. : ) I just poked findplay to see who was on out in Portland, OR & saw my friend Charles list Bliss Stage on his list of "like to plays".  It's a cool thing.  And I should really email Jasper McChesney, since the Mountain witch is on both our lists.  Gotta put my money where my mouth is.

And, oooo, I didn't mean to pull a "sonny-boy" on Clinton.  I've got similar heebeejeebees about being called "Emmy".  Say the word, my man, and it's nickname no more. : )

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