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2007-04-11: 1001 PDF
by Meguey

Yep. I'm getting a steady trickle of requests for a PDF, so here it is. The PDF doesn't have the full-color cover, because that would make the file hugemongus, but it does have everything else.

Now, if I could get about a month to work on YQL, that would be cool.

2007-04-11 14:56:58 Matt S

YQL? Have you posted about this before? If so, I missed it. What is it?

2007-04-12 02:59:12 Meguey

Miss Schifer's School for Young Ladies of Quality.

It's my Rev/Eng game about 18-20 year old women in the 1890-1910s. All PCs are women, and they have globe-trotting adventures in the pursuit of their scientific studies.

2007-04-12 12:25:17 Matt S

Ah! Gotcha. I have heard you mention it, actually—but I knew little more than the title. Yes, find a month! (And good luck with that Mom, says a Dad.)

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