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2007-03-21: Sneak Peek of Iron Game Chef Dishes
by Emily

The Iron Game Chef 2007 competition is in full swing. This year there are something like 130 contestants, thankfully organized into working groups of 12 designers who give feedback and criticism for each others games. I'm a proud member of Mu. Go Zen crew!

The Arena this year is a Vanilla forum and the technology really seems to fit the task. "Thank you" responses are activated and they make great fan mail finger-wiggles. :) The collaborative vibe is really strong, and there are some amazing designs in the works, as usual. Some of my faves so far are Jess Kleenstar's Weaver's Daughters, Nick Brown's Thorns and Blossoms and Troy Costisick's Hunter's Rose. And Jason Morningstar's—get this—Grover Cleaveland. I'm working on the Heart of the Rose, a fantasy game inspired by Patricia McKillip's fae books.

It's overwhelming to try to follow all the games, but there is a thread with links to Elevator Pitches for each of the groups to give you a peek at what everyone is working on without wading through all the posts.  Give it a gander:

Elevator Pitches for All

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