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2007-02-21: Big news for the Bakers
by Emily

Vincent just blogged about it over at anyway.  I hope Meg will post about it and put some pictures up here soon!


2007-02-24 12:48:44 Meguey

I will, thanks! Right now, it's just too amazing and I'm just too busy to actually write. Thanks for holding down the fort, Em.

2007-02-28 19:43:56 Emily

No problem. Okay if I post a couple pictures?

2007-03-01 12:39:45 Meguey

Sure, pictures are good.

2007-03-01 15:20:47 NinJ

I want pictures!

2007-03-01 19:09:52 Emily

I am putting some up over at the photo gallery.

2007-03-02 13:38:05 Meguey

Thus, we see that Emily is no slouch, whereas my slouchiness is rather great of late.

2007-03-04 21:14:26 Matt Wilson

Your ginormous photo gallery makes my computer cry.

2007-03-05 07:10:16 Judd

My computer weeps with Matt's.

2007-03-05 15:56:36 Emily

:( I'll fix it.

Sorry guys.

2007-03-05 16:22:16 Emily

Try it now. I shrinkified them.

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