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2007-02-20: Functional Gaming
by Emily

My favorite post on Story Games evar:  The Durham 3 got game.

This thread reminds me that I want pictures of my gaming group!

2007-02-20 20:48:08 Emily

My favorite one is when the guns first come out. Slayed. Me.

2007-02-22 18:31:32 Julia

I have some photos of the 5 of us, but we're not all together, and I don't have one of Meg from the same sitting. The photos I'm thinking of are really horrible, but amusing. Maybe we should take some next week?

2007-02-23 16:02:34 Emily

Yes, lets.

I do have a bunch from JiffyCon, but as per that thread, those don't count.

They count for me though. We do good hanging out and talking about lots of other stuff with these gamer friends. The big dinner at the end of JiffyCon is an integral part of the experience.  Inspired, of course, by the huge gaggles of people going out to eat at the end of the day at GenCon.

2007-02-23 16:14:06 Matt Wilson

I briefly considered photoshopping various pics of myself into one pretend imaginary friend group. But that was depressing.

Three more months! Three!

If it does turn out to be NYC, I'm taking the first available weekend and crashing myself upon western MA. A veritable plague of me. I'm made of locusts.

2007-02-23 16:39:07 Meguey

Wohoo, a plague of Matt Wilson! C'mon, stop teasing us and just SAY it: "I'm moving to NYC; see you in MA soon after."

2007-02-23 17:16:38 NinJ

That's a pretty sweet plague.

Yeah, let's take pics this weekend!

2007-02-27 17:06:41 Julia

So we took a picture. What happened to Story Games?

2007-02-28 18:56:57 Meguey

I havn't put the pics up yet; my bad, I'll do it ASAP.

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