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2007-02-14: Happy V-Day
by Emily

In honor of the romantic theme of today, Black and Green Games will be making February another month of charity donation and fundraising.  Proceeds (after shipping et al.) for all sales of Breaking the Ice and Shooting the Moon, will be donated to Girls Inc. which organizes a mentoring program for young girls in the hilltowns where I live, and different parts of the state and country.  And again, as last year, I'll include a box of chocolates in the package for those who request it.

Hope you are having a wonderful (or tolerable :) Valentine's Day, and my thanks to all that have donated already this month.

2007-02-18 12:08:52 Meguey

Emily, you are an awesome human being. Just thought I'd say that publically, in the spirit of V-day. :)

2007-02-18 19:56:05 Julia

I agree. Emily and Meg, you're both awesome human beings!

2007-02-20 15:45:34 Emily

Awww.. thank you so much. :)

I mutual admiration society you both: you rock most hard.

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