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2007-01-16: Dreamation 07
by Emily

Some of the New England crew is heading down to NJ for Dreamation, January 25-28, 2007. Tom, Vincent, Sebastian, Joshua and myself will be heading down from Friday to Sunday. We'll miss you again, Meg.  But Sebastian is coming. His first con! He's 10. I went to my first at 11, brings me back. It was a Sci Fi con and I bought my first Tarot deck. I hope he has a great time.

This is my favorite Con. It's not as fun as GenCon for getting to see everybody—hard to get folks from Canada and the Midwest, much less Europe over for it—but for the real deal of getting to play great games with fantastic people.  Last year I got to take part in two of my all time favorite game sessions:  my game of breaking the ice with Kat in which we played two lesbians who helped each other come out of the closet, and The Hare and Hound, the session of Primetime Adventures run by Judd which was a BBC "Mystery" style show dealing with class and gender following a gruesome murder by a copy-cat Jack the Ripper.  Intense and beautiful. Wow.

This year, there are a slew of good games planned. 1001 Nights is being run by Nathan on Thursday night, and Ben is running it on Saturday. You guys rock. Krista is running Breaking the Ice on Friday night. Go, Krista!. On Saturday, I'm running Shooting the Moon and Breaking the Ice, Vincent will run Mechaton, and Joshua is running Shock:  That Saturday 8pm slot will be hard to choose from. I'm sad I won't get to be in Luke's Burning Empire game since I'll be running then, too. One day, Mr. Zu, one day...

I see that Shaw DeArment is running One Night. A lot. Yes! Can't wait to see it, Shawn. And Judd is bringing 1st Quest. Brennan's got How We Came to Live Here and Ben has Bliss Stage planned for Friday. Proving grounds for playtesting. Good, good stuff.

2007-01-16 03:47:23 Emily

Kat and Michael, you guys deserve so much credit for organizing IGE. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

2007-01-16 06:16:07 Nathan P.

No Meg makes Nathan a sad panda.

But I'm really excited to see the rest of yas!

2007-01-16 22:23:59 Judd

Yeah, this was certainly the year that the Indie Games Explosion exploded.  The line-up is insane and amazing.

I can't wait.

2007-01-18 00:40:04 Meguey

Aww. Nathan is a sad panda. I have his (or one of the Boston crew, anyway) shirt - hopefully that will make him no longer sad. The being a panda part is up to him.

Ben and Nathan - thanks for running 1001 Nights for me! That's almost as good as being there. I'm sending my whole demo kit (ok, sans a few of my favorite dice) down with Vincent, so you can do it up proper. I have six pre-gen characters; I'll send those as well.

2007-01-18 16:17:45 Kat Miller

Im so very excited about Dreamation.

Its also my favorite Con.  Vinny and Becca and everyone that bends over backwards for the indie folk are amazing.

and Seeing so many friends and having time to chat is just so nice.


2007-01-22 01:49:11 Jason M

My bags are already packed - I'm that excited.  Looking forward to seeing you, Emily, and sad to miss you, Meg!

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